Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday To-Do

So many crafts , So little time!
First up on my to-do list this week is  the Dollar Tree Jewelry Organizer from Courtney over at Redheads Craft More Fun

She made these from some cork-boards she found at the Dollar Tree- GENIUS!!
Number 2 is solving several of my problems! It is a Ribbon organizer from Diane at In My Own Style.  If you remember, I tried my ribbon organizer on a gun rack which did not make my husband too happy.  This would be a great solution for that and also in reading this post it solved another problem I was thinking about.  I think I will use the S hook and chain in my booth at the farmer's market.  I can hang it from my tent and get more hanging space for my clothes!! So be sure to check out how she made this.

Number 3 Craft is just such a cute keepsake.  Kim over at A Girl and A Glue Gun made fingerprint pendants that turned out beautiful! Check it out and make some yourself.

Number 4 is from Ready-Set-Create.  She made these adorable necklace pendants.  I am thinking this would be a fun MOPS craft for next year.

Number 5  is from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour.  She gave a mirror an excellent makeover.  The hard part now will be trying to find a beautiful mirror to work with !  I love how this came out.

Number 6 is from Junk Style.  I am quite envious of her Laundry Room that she remodeled.  She also used an old door for a coat rack that is just perfect in her new room.

Take the seventh day and rest from all your crafting.  Thanks for all ya'lls wonderful crafts.


  1. There's some cute stuff here. I saw the fingerprints the other day and thought I'd like to try them.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me :) I really enjoy the others that you featured as well!

    God Bless!

  3. HiJamee-

    Thanks fo featuring my EZ Ribbon Organizer post. Do you have a button? I would like to put it on my featured page.


  4. Thanks so much for the feature! THe other features are great, too! Thanks again :)

  5. The Ribbon Organizer is pretty cool! Wanted to let you know I'm doing a follower giveaway today - you can enter to win a blog makeover if you are follower, ends tonight! ;)

  6. Lovin' that ribbon organizer. For serious, so simple and so adjustable! Also, those fingerprint medallions are so sweet. Great post.

  7. Thanks for featuring my jewelry organizer! You made my day!! Have a great one,