Sunday, July 4, 2010

Showcase Sunday

Recently I signed up to be a vendor at The Pink Cottage in El Paso.  It is an absolutely charming boutique/gallery with very talented crafters and artists! To prepare for this opportunity I had to finish 40 pieces for my spot.   I also wanted to be sure to think about the customers that might shop at The Pink Cottage.  I decided to make UTEP Miner apparel and patriotic/ military apparel due to the fact Ft. Bliss and UTEP are a major part of El Paso.  I made some bandanna pillowcase dresses in blue with orange ties and I made these Army brat clothes. 

I made this a tie on halter with the ruffled capri pants.  This set is priced at 36.00
I had a hard time embroidering "Army brat" on a 6 month size so one of my facebook fans suggested this.
I am working on a boy army set but as you most likely know boy clothes are so much harder to be creative with.  I want to ask you to please "like" me on facebook.  Just search fancypantsbyjamee and click "like".  I am trying to reach 500 fans. 
here is the link to my facebook page fancy pants by jamee
 Have a wonderful 4th of July and something to think about as you look at firecrackers tonight. The firecrackers are to remind us of "the bombs bursting in air"- remember all those who fought for this country and preserve what they fought for


  1. These are BEYOND gorgeous!!
    very impressive.


  2. This is so cute. Good job with the color combo without looking like a bumble bee.

  3. These are to cute......LOVE them!!

  4. I've tried finding you on facebook, but can't! Would it be possible to post a link?

  5. I can't "like" you for some reason. When I search fancypantsbyjamee, I get a link directly to your etsy store, but no "like" button. I'll keep trying.

  6. Fun! Good luck, hope you sell a lot :)