Thursday, October 21, 2010

Major League Baseball inspired Neck Rope

So the kids and I were getting ready to go.  I had my daughter all dressed up in her "Olivia" outfit.

My son did not like the fact, that his sister had all this flair and he did not.  He wanted to wear a necklace too but I just could not allow him to wear one of his sister's girly necklace.  What else is a mother to do than make him his own MLB inspired neck rope.  I know these are a little different but the look is the same- in my opinion. 
Quick Steps to Making your own Neck Rope
1.  Cut 3 stripes of jersey knit in the colors you want. ( you can even cut up your own t shirts)
2.  stack the ends and stitch it to keep it still and secure.
3.  put that end in your mouth 8) to hold still and braid
4.  once it is 15 in.  long stitch the other end to secure.
5.  then i made a tube covering.  i just folded over a piece of jersey knit and stitched to make like a one inch tube.  stick the braided rope through the tube. 
6.  Stitch the braided rope together to make a circle and use the tube to cover stitching.

Sorry I am so sporadic in my posts. Life just gets so busy- I am sure you understand.  On a parting note, I have been making costumes for a local business and here is one set I did. 

I just love this picture and had to share it with you. Have a great day!


  1. Love the MLB necklace! Brilliant!

    Wonderful cowboy and cowgirl costumes...Dale and Roy would be proud.

  2. What cuties! These are wonderful costumes!

  3. I love the Halloween precious! Thanks for the tutorial on the necklaces!