Monday, November 8, 2010

Etsy Showcase

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a very talented family.  We can all do something! I really wish we could live closer so we could be creative together.  I must say I am the main problem in this equation due to the fact I moved to New Mexico ( but I feel I am still a Texan at heart!).  Anyways I want to show you some of what my sister can do and my sister in law.  My sister just opened an etsy shop.  She makes these adorable twinkle toe shoes at a great price!

She also makes the most beautiful flowers! You may have seen them in some previous posts with my daughter modeling them.

You should check out the Sassy Goose Boutique and tell her I sent you!

I also wanted to share with you the talents of my sister in law.  She opened her etsy shop last year.  She makes several different items.  I just love her Christmas ornaments.  They look stunning on the tree sparkling in the Christmas lights.

She also makes capes, and boutique children's clothes like this cute pillowcase dress on my niece.

You can find some unique Christmas gifts at Pickled Peppers. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!!!- sewing room reveal

Today is my birthday, and as each year I get older and my life changes, I find I treat it as just as any other day.  What is amazing is how my family still recognizes it and finds it important to celebrate me and my life.  My parents live about 14 hours away and drove to see me for my birthday! That alone is a wonderful present but if you know my parents that is not enough.  My dad made this beautiful bench for me made from my crib I had as a baby.  My dad is a very talented carpenter and if you would like to see more of his projects you can check out his blog.

It has a hinged seat for storage too! I love it and so happy with the heirloom that I will be able to pass down and the stories it will tell. 
My parents were not done with my birthday yet!  I showed them my workroom.

This is the sewing area.

This is my cutting table and ribbon organizer.
This would just not do in their eyes or mine either- it was extra messy when they saw it!  So we hit the ReStore (thrift store for building supplies ).  Dad and Mom put together my room in about a day and a half.  My new table is a door and my shelves are closet doors and my ribbon organizer is made from FOAM BOARD!!

I was given a room that inspires me and makes me want to create.  I love my room and feel the need to go in and look at it to make sure it is real. I have had a wonderful birthday!!!

 I know I am going to get a lot of questions about this ribbon organizer so let me tell you about it real quick.  My dad made these with 5 foam boards.  He cut them to make the shelves and sides and just hot glued them together.  It did take a couple of hours but wow so worth it in my eyes!  He hot glued some washers at the top and screwed a screw in it to hang it on the wall.  And yes, it can hold it all because the ribbon is so light. What can I say but my family is pretty creative.