Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deep Thoughts!!- (well not too deep)

I was outside this morning with the kids thinking about my blog and what I wanted to share next.  As I am thinking this, I was realizing how funny my blog really is.  In a blog, I only share the best of what I am, however that is not who I am.  I make mistakes in crafting, I am not always the best mom or wife, I am constantly not being the godly woman God wants me to be! I am also a horrible friend most of the time.  I am the type of friend who never calls- it is not because I don't care -it's because i don't like talking on the phone. I just thought I should share that with you.  I  don't want anyone to think I am perfect or assume that I think am- if you really know me that would have NEVER crossed your mind (Wink). 

Okay digging my way out of my deep thoughts, I want to share the good things I did as a mom this week. I feel if I document them from time to time it might help me be a better mom as I reflect on our experiences.
1.  Drew a track on the driveway for the kids that included a Mcdonalds, home, crosswalk, stoplight and stop sign.

They loved it and rode for hours yesterday and today.
2.  Had a cooking day.  We made snickerdoodles.  I pulled the coffee table in the kitchen so they could stand at the counter at the same time. They were yummy and the kids loved making them.
3.  My husband and I took them to the NMSU Aggie game and made it to half time. 

I will show you thier outfits tomorrow!!

Now on the down side my kids fought alittle bit- it happens to us all!

Sometimes its best to just walk away and take a moment like my dog did here.


  1. Love the pic of the dog with the coffee cup. LOL!!!!

  2. I don't care what you say, I will always think you're perfect. Of course, I am a little biased.

  3. You are amazing! I know it 1st hand! And yeah, none of us are perfect (God love's us anyway!!!!!) and ALL of our kids should have seen this when you were here! LOL
    Love ya!!!!
    P.S. You are doing more with 2 toddlers than I did when I had 2 toddlers!

  4. Miss NMSU Aggies games!! And that's a great idea to make a little town from sidewalk chalk. Also, I think you're right- when we write down the moments we want to remember, and the good times, it inspires us to do better! I always am, anyways. :)