Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Football Showcase

We took our kids to the NMSU football game last night.  I had to make them something special to wear for the game. I wanted to share how I made my son's shirt.

I started with the football.  I used the steam to seam but heat bond would be great too. According to steam to seam you can just iron it and it is permanent so they say you don't have to sew it.  I prefer to just to ensure durability.  I traced the football shape on the paper cut it out and ironed it on some textured brown felt.  I cut it out and peeled the backing off and ironed on the shirt.  Then I did a straight stitch around the football. I cut some crimson fabric stips and put on the football and stitched into place.  For the stitching of the white lacing part of the football- I drew where I wanted it with chalk.

Then I stitched a tight zig zag stitch across the football then did the stripes that go vertically on the top.

For the nubers you need to draw your numbers on the reverse so they are correct when you iron them on.

I ironed the numbers on and just did a straight stitch around the numbers.  Here is the finished project which took about 30 min. 


  1. Great shirt. My son would totally love one, in Packer's colors, though.

  2. I love the choice of the textured felt. Boys love to feel part of the game and this shirt is perfect for any little fan.

  3. Great football shirt! Thanks for sharing!