Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cowboy and Cowgirl Birthday Party Highlights

Well my babies turned 3 yesterday and I wanted to share some of the pictures.

 I was thrilled when I found out the popular VBS theme this year was cowboy. I was able to find great items on clearance at hobby lobby that were cowboy themed.  My mom found the cute big wall cutouts at oriental trading.  She also had bandana and denim table cloths for me to borrow. I think the party turned out great and my kids had a lot of fun!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheer OVERLOAD and Zipper Tutorial

I mentioned earlier that I had an order cheerleading costumes- 21 to be exact! I used a simplicity dress pattern and changed it a bit.  After finishing this sample, I was not quite happy with it so I changed patterns and took some useful comment advice for the sizing.  I used New Look pattern 6957

This pattern gave a better finish and I used the size 1 for the 2T size, size 2 for the 3T size and the size 3 for the 4T size.  I added length for the bodice too.

I cranked these out in 8 days but I will tell you I am tired of making them for now.  They will be embroidered with the school emblem of sorts.  Now on with the tutorial.
I have been afraid of zippers for some unknown reason- I guess because it has been so long since I put one in.  I will show you how I did it for those also afraid but this may not be perfect technique but it is what I did.
I had the dress done except for the zipper.  I then basted (longest stitch with no back stitiching) the seam where the zipper would be going leaving plenty of room to iron open and sew on the zipper. The zipper I was using was 12 in. so i basted about 13 in. and regular stitch down the rest of the seam.

Then press open.

Then I pinned the zipper on with right side down and lining up the seam with zipper teeth.

You should probably use more pins than I did.  Then be sure to put on your zipper foot.  This is what mine looks like yours should be somewhat similar.  This helps you stitch close to the zipper teeth.

Then stitch around the zipper.

I  then seam ripped open the seam.

Once this was done, I cut the excess top of zipper and heat sealed it with some flame.

Then I tacked down the top.

After 21 of these I am feeling a bit more confident about zippers.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Football Showcase

We took our kids to the NMSU football game last night.  I had to make them something special to wear for the game. I wanted to share how I made my son's shirt.

I started with the football.  I used the steam to seam but heat bond would be great too. According to steam to seam you can just iron it and it is permanent so they say you don't have to sew it.  I prefer to just to ensure durability.  I traced the football shape on the paper cut it out and ironed it on some textured brown felt.  I cut it out and peeled the backing off and ironed on the shirt.  Then I did a straight stitch around the football. I cut some crimson fabric stips and put on the football and stitched into place.  For the stitching of the white lacing part of the football- I drew where I wanted it with chalk.

Then I stitched a tight zig zag stitch across the football then did the stripes that go vertically on the top.

For the nubers you need to draw your numbers on the reverse so they are correct when you iron them on.

I ironed the numbers on and just did a straight stitch around the numbers.  Here is the finished project which took about 30 min. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Deep Thoughts!!- (well not too deep)

I was outside this morning with the kids thinking about my blog and what I wanted to share next.  As I am thinking this, I was realizing how funny my blog really is.  In a blog, I only share the best of what I am, however that is not who I am.  I make mistakes in crafting, I am not always the best mom or wife, I am constantly not being the godly woman God wants me to be! I am also a horrible friend most of the time.  I am the type of friend who never calls- it is not because I don't care -it's because i don't like talking on the phone. I just thought I should share that with you.  I  don't want anyone to think I am perfect or assume that I think am- if you really know me that would have NEVER crossed your mind (Wink). 

Okay digging my way out of my deep thoughts, I want to share the good things I did as a mom this week. I feel if I document them from time to time it might help me be a better mom as I reflect on our experiences.
1.  Drew a track on the driveway for the kids that included a Mcdonalds, home, crosswalk, stoplight and stop sign.

They loved it and rode for hours yesterday and today.
2.  Had a cooking day.  We made snickerdoodles.  I pulled the coffee table in the kitchen so they could stand at the counter at the same time. They were yummy and the kids loved making them.
3.  My husband and I took them to the NMSU Aggie game and made it to half time. 

I will show you thier outfits tomorrow!!

Now on the down side my kids fought alittle bit- it happens to us all!

Sometimes its best to just walk away and take a moment like my dog did here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Easy Cheer Costume

I was asked to make some toddler sized cheerleader uniforms.  I searched for what would be the easiest and fastest way for me to make them.  I ended up using this pattern.

I made this sample using the size 3.  I added about 1 1/5 in. to the bodice pieces and shortened the skirt pattern pieces.  When it was time to attatch the skirt I decided to pleat the skirt to give it that cheerleading look.

I just pinned it to fit and eye-balled my pleats. Once I had it pinned I stitched it into place.

I added a white stripe at the bottom and a white chest stripe so it could be embroidered with the team name.

This pattern was easy to adapt, however it ran big as usual !! This was supposed to be a size 3 but will now be a 4.  Do you have that problem when using patterns?!? - it is quite frustrating.  Have a great weekend!