Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Toddler Meal Ideas

As my twins were learning to self feed, I had trouble putting meals together for them. My daughter no longer would let me feed her anything from a spoon so I went searching for meal ideas. I tried to give them a balanced diet, but I ran into some problems when I discovered Kate would not eat veggies. Here are a few suggestions if you find your self in the same dilema.

Meal Plans
  • Cut up lunch meat, cheese, fruit and veggie
  • Veggie Burger cut up with Ketchup, cheese and fruit
  • Drained chicken, veggie and noddle soup that is low in sodium
  • frozen chicken strips or nuggets- if you cook in microwave it is softer for them.
  • Grilled cheese- you can sneak spinach or pureed veggie or meat inside.
  • Quesadilla with cheese and veggies- cool before you cut.
  • peanut butter and jellly sandwich cut up, with fruit
  • waffles, pancakes or muffins - add fruit, veggies, pumpkin, or flax seed for more nutritional value.

Favorite Fruits:

Bananas, grapes quartered, watermelon-seeds removed, apples or pears (steam bag from ziplock-1 minute should do it to make them nice and soft), mandrain oranges and diced peaches packaged great for outings to park or even restaraunts.


you can buy these fresh, frozen and even canned. Watch for sodium. They also have small four packs that you can microwave and add to any meal. If your kid is like my daughter you can puree it and stick it in her meal somewhere.

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