Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Cricut

I see a couple of questions floating about the cricut and what it is and does so I thought I would at least post a link from you tube about what it is and what it does.  It is very cheesy but it is a good over view here it is:
provo craft cheesy you tube video  I use my Cricut for mostly paper crafting like scrapbooking, it is great for cardmaking too.  It can also help in making vinyl lettering, glass etching and many other craft projects.  It is alittle pricey but depending on how much you would use it- it is worth it.  I bought the expressions which is the larger model.  I thought if I go back to teaching I would definitely use it in the classroom.  However, I really bought it for scrapbooking which helps me cut down costs on stickers and pre-made embellishments because now I just cut them out with my cricut.  My expressions came with 2 cartridges and cost 273.00 and each cartridge can range from $20-on sale to $90 each.  I have friends I borrow cartridges from too.  There are programs out there now where you can use your computer to take the images and cut using your cricut but I am really not that great with computers and get easily frustrated that I have not looked into that.  The smaller personal cricut can be purchased around $100.  You can not use the 40 % coupon from hobby lobby or joanns on these but they do go on sale or you can check craigslist,  and ebay for a deal too.  hope that helps a little bit in understanding the cricut.  Here are some sample scrapbook layouts i did with my cricut- sorry the pictures are not that great and like I said the cricut can be used for more than just scrapbooking.

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  1. THat video IS cheesy! HA ha.
    Wish I had one of these to play with....