Monday, February 22, 2010

What's on the Menu for this week?

I hate asking Jason what do you want to eat this week and the response is always the same "I don't know?" and the thing is I don't know either yet I must come up with a plan for the week. I know everyone is in the same position so I thought I would post what the plan is and you can leave comments to help me out next week by telling me maybe your favorite meal you are planning to fix this week.  I typically plan for 5-6 meals a week and one dessert.  The reason for only 5-6 is not because we go out to eat with 2 2yrold toddlers and no money but because I take a night or two off and we have leftovers. So here is our plan in no particular order:

1. BBQ, macaroni, baked beans, corn
2.Red Beef Enciladas, guacamole and chips, rice and beans
3.Lasagna, salad
4.Grilled Chicken and Veggie Bake
5.Ham and Potato Soup

and for dessert Homemade Banana Pudding using Caci (my sister in law) recipe:) yum

What are you planning that is your favorite?


  1. I am starting to do this. Normally as a family we fly by the seat of our pants but roles are changing and so are appetites. I should do my menu this week while I am thinking about it. thanks!

  2. Yummy Banana Puddding! That is my mom's recipe and when we were little Jeffrey told mom that the reason God gave us lips is to lick all of the banana pudding off the spoon! There was a week when Cole was about 14 months old and all he would eat was that banana pudding! Hope you all enjoy it as much as our family has!! I will let you know our menu for the week, but it has been messed up with an unplanned staff meeting tomorrow night at which we will be eating. When that happens I just move everything back a day.