Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Jewelry (Tutorial)- St. Patrick's Jewelry if it's not your birthday

This is my mom.  I wanted to use this post to honor and celebrate her.  If you ever had the privilidge of meeting her you would never forget it.  She lives way to far from me which is my fault not hers and she will tell you the same.  We try to visit as often as we can but of course it is not enough.  If you think I am crafty it is because of her.  She sees potential in just about anything and can make anything beautiful.  So today I made her birthday present and will show you how I did it.  Let me say she never goes subtle so we had to make a piece that made a statement!

Several years ago, my parents got me jewelry making tools and supplies for Christmas and I used to make jewelry all the time but when the babies were born the beads were put away.
Lets get started on this little tutorial.  My supplies came from hobby lobby they have great sales and options for me there. Bead stores are a bit expensive but the selection is amazing!

Crimping beads are key in beading.  They are metal beads you squeeze around your wire to keep the beads in place.  When you bead it is nice to have a bead board- i lent mine out to someone and now I can't remember who so if you have it please return it - thanks.  These are nice to plan your necklace.  I layed out a pattern on my plate to give a me a little direction in this neclace.
Then I started beading.   I cut some necklace wire to the length I wanted ( don't cut too short because you can cut the excess later).  I put a crimp bead at the end to let me bead with ease- i will cut it off later to add my closures.

then i got a little help!

hey he has been practicing on those lacing cards he can do it;)
Then for the center of the necklace I wanted to add a focal piece.  I used a jump ring to attach it.

I finished beading the necklace, so now lets put the lobster clasp and the figure 8 thing i found left from another closure I had.

When I finish a necklace, I put a crimp bead, the closure piece and then pull the wire back through the crimp bead and a few other beads.  Crimp the bead to secure in place and cut the excess wire.  You are done with that now lets do the earrings- fast and easy.  Start with a flat head pin:

Then load it up but not to the top.  Some beads have holes that will just slip past the flat head so you can use a small seed bead to stop it. 

I then ut it where i have like 1/2 in or so to roll a circle at the top.  You use your round nose pliers to do this. Use your wrist to make a nice circle.

Now use a jump ring to attach it to the earring.  I like using a jump ring so it dangles nicely

Now lets color some pictures for Nana

This necklace is great for birthday and st. patrick's day we don't want nana getting pinched!!
Happy Birthday MOM


  1. Very pretty Jamee! I'm actually in the process of making myself and Mia necklaces. I'll post them when I'm done :) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment-that always makes my day!

  2. Those are super cute! I love the green cubes

  3. Great grown up way to wear green, love it!

  4. so pretty!!

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  5. I'm always fascinated by how beads look a hundred times prettier once strung on a necklace, than they did on the card in the store. I love to see how others have mixed beads creatively to come up with their designs. Thank you!

  6. That is so pretty! I have just recently gotten into making jewelry for myself and I am in LOVE! Thanks for the tips I can always use more :)
    I have a link party every saturday and would love for you to join me it is Hope to see you around

  7. Awesome job, jewelery making is one of those things I am going to learn, SOMEDAY!

  8. Very pretty... I love green!

  9. This is beautiful, great tutorial! Thanks! ~Marcy

  10. I'm so booki=marking this..

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  11. So pretty! I love green. Jewelry making is one thing I haven't attempted- it looks super complicated!

    Thanks for linking this up to A Little Craft Therapy, too!

  12. Beautiful! The beads look so pretty when they're made into something!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Make it Yours day!

  13. Just beautiful... I'm the mom of a daughter who lives far away.. and it's her fault too!! .lol

    I enjoy reading your blog....

  14. Jamee,
    Ok, how beautiful!! You are very talented! Love how it's not the tacky green jewelry you see this time of year :) It's perfect.
    Thanks for joining the party!

  15. Your mother is a beautiful friend and I love her! She is so proud of you and should be, you are an inspiration to many....just like your Mother! Thank you for sharing her and your creativity! Michaela - RBC

  16. Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at in future post.


  17. Do you make any to sell I love this green one!