Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To -Do Tuesday

I thought for today I would share a few items I saw in blog land that I want to put on my to-do list.  My only problem with my to-do list is the fact I need more time in my day to do them!! However I love all the wonderful crafty ideas floating around on my computer.  Here are just a few. 
#1 have you checked out this blog- AMAZING! I must say and I can't believe more people haven't found her yet.  She has super CUTE cool clothes for boys and a few for us mommies. Here are some highlights be sure to go to I AM MOMMA- HEAR ME ROAR to see how she makes these clothes.

She made this with a bleach pen and freezer paper stenciling- It looks adorable on her son!

And I love this dress she put together- you really can get lost in her blog with a ton of things to add on your to-do!

I love these jeans - I really need to get in front of my sewing machine to make these jeans for my kids.  Nancy also has other wonderful ideas on her blog you should check out - VERY ROCK-N-ROLL!
Here is her site Nancy's Couture

or maybe I will have to make some of these trunks- we are potty training so we go through alot!

Then I need to do some educational things with the kiddos.  I would like to follow the examples Sarah over at Harrigan Howdy has given her readers- go check out all her ideas!

Maybe you should add these to your to-do lists!

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  1. Thanks SO much for featuring my blog. That was so kind! I really appreciate it. You rock!

  2. Thanks for the feature, Jamee. Your blog is very inspiring, as well! And, of course- - a little NM flair every so often makes me giddy- lol. :) Sharing and getting ideas from other bloggers is such a motivator.


  3. I was shocked when I was going through my comments and read that I was featured here. I almost jumped you out of my chair. LOL!!! Thank you so much for featuring me!!!!!! Now I'm ready to get busy sewing again!