Friday, April 30, 2010

Easy Decor and Fish Bowl

This craft is brought to you from my mama's house.  I have a few more posts to share from my visit to Texas.  My mom bought these candlesticks on clearance from Christmas.  She used 5 min. Epoxy to attach a little fish bowl- which you can also find pretty cheap.  She used this for an actual fishbowl and to decorate above her craft desk.

I took two pictures of how she decorates with them- so you can see it when it is lit up at night.

Have a great weekend!


  1. thats really different, but loveable all at the same time! thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like you had a blast in Texas! And your mama is so creative- no wonder you are too. :) About your ? about the KiteFest- - no, it wasn't in LC- - we moved over to the DFW area about 1 1/2 years ago. Sorry! We really miss LC, but are growing to love our new community too! Anyways, thanks for sharing all the creativity. So fun to get ideas from others.


  3. Hi, Jamee!
    So nice to find your blog!
    You were the link before me on Making the World Cuter.
    I DO have a large fishbowl sitting on a bookshelf in my office (fishies died).
    And do now have a Betta, in a smaller tank that I haven't managed to kill yet.
    I think he would like his tank bigger and prettier and taller.
    This is a beautiful idea!
    I love the name of your blog, too!
    I am a Home Maker, also!
    And proud of it!
    I also have an etsy shop- I need to list some more stuff, though, if I could ever get off the blogs, LOL!
    Anyway, so nice to meet you and your children are adorable and a blessing!

  4. Hi Jamee, Wanted to drop by and thank you for for posting this neat project on Modern Craftswoman Monday. Very cool. Rory

  5. Wow!! Those are so pretty! What a fun idea!

  6. I love the way that looks! Perfect addition to a candy bar for a party!

  7. thanks for linking up at SugarBee Take-A-Look Tuesday! - Mandy,

  8. Wow, very neat! I've attached plates and saucers to large candlesticks, but never a fish bowl! This would be great for a terrarium, too! Thanks for the idea.

  9. Fun idea!Love the cute picture of your kiddos.

    Kendra "Domestic Princess in Training"

  10. Very fun! Your kids are adorable! :)

    -Ann Marie

  11. Awesome Idea...Adorable Kids! I found you at Trendy Tree house! When you have a minute I'd love for you to stop by my blog and say hello!

  12. It looks so pretty all lite up!

  13. I am loving everything made from candlesticks right now! This project takes the cake! I found you through the Fireflies and Jellybeans party.
    -Mama E

  14. Great idea, and I love the pic with the cute kiddos!

  15. What a fun idea! Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day!

  16. adorable. This would be cute for our tadpoles.

    Tara @ Trendy Treehouse