Friday, April 2, 2010

Flip Flop PREP and Etiquette

Spring is here so now is the time to pull out and sport the flip flops.  But before you slip those bad boys on and take a look at your feet -Are they ready for this?  I have disgustingly dry feet so my heels are a fright.  This season I decided to try a tip a friend of mine told a LONG time ago but have been to lazy to take action.  I can't afford to get pedicures so I must take care of this dirty job. Here is the amazing tip that works wonders for my feet and my pocket book!!

Slather this greasy messy product on your feet at night or day.  Then put your socks on.  Your feet take in all that moisture leaving your dry scratchy feet soft and smooth.  This took like 2-3 days but my case was quite extreme.  Sorry no before and afters.  You will thank me for that!! Before I finish this post I must add, pleased try to keep those toe nails groomed and polished. It is hard to find the time but you are worth it.

Happy Easter!


  1. Great post! I was just thinking to myself last night that it is pedicure time. I guess I need to get on that yes? Love those black shoes!

  2. I love the flip flops. Great tip.

  3. I wear flip flops a lot and to be honest, my feet are horrible! I am definitely going to give this a try - especially if it only takes a few days ;)

  4. That's a wonderful tip! My feet are in desperate shape, too! I love your flip flops!!! FUN!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing this tip. I will try and remember to start doing this each night.