Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Flip Flops Tutorial

Here was my problem:  "Easter is tomorrow and no white sandals!" I did not like the selection at Walmart and did not want to make an extra trip to the mall for the hunt. 
 Solution: "Embellished Flip Flops"
This week flip flops are 1/2 off at hobby lobby so they are about 75 cents!!  I bought white ones at full price last week 1.47 -still not too bad and had the rest of the supplies at home.
Here is what you need:
glue gun
2 "REAL" diamonds-jk
flip flops

So to start I wrapped the 3/8" ribbon on the tip of the flip flop.  You won't find much success by just gluing directly on the flip flop it just doesn't last on the plastic.

glue the ribbon on top of each other and wrap, wrap, glue, wrap, etc.
Now I decided to make a simple small boutique bow to glue the flower on top of. to do that here are pictures to show you how i did that.

So real quick, you make a figure 8, bring loops in and scrunch with your fingers.  At this point, I use thread and wrap around it and tie in a not.  I don't have 3 hands so to do this I put one end of the thread in my mouth, hold the bow scrunched in one hand and the other hand I wrap around the thread with the other hand.
Next glue flower on top of the bow and glue the bow on the flip flop.
This is how she looked.


  1. adorable! I love your blog-so many great ideas!

  2. omg how cute I love how that ties in with her dress and the bow on her hair... I love it...

  3. Wow, absolutely AH-Dor-Able!

  4. So cute!! I love it!! Precious model :)

  5. these are adorable! I'd love for you to link these up over here so cute!

  6. love them!! I am having a link party tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'd love to see you there!

  7. That came out really cute. I've been thinking about buying some of those 2 for $5 sandals at Old Navy....and now I'll know how to embellish them!!!!

  8. Those are too cute! :) I LOVE it!

  9. Funny.. I just posted a pair myself.. A little more casual looking but still cute!... LOVE YOURS too, so bright and pretty for Summer!

  10. These are adorable - my girls would have fun creating and wearing them. I'll have to file it away for next summer - we are heading into Winter here in Australia!

  11. You are truly amazing! How very pretty.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party!

  12. That looks great. Thanks for sharing at check me out saturday

  13. Hi,
    I followed you over from the Life As Lori link party. You have a teriffic blog. I am now a follower of yours. I would really love it if you came over and visited me too. Be sure to enter the drawings for the necklaces, if you do. Rory