Thursday, August 5, 2010

Help my Friend

Hi all, hope you are having a wonderful week.  I wanted to share a friend with you.  This is Jenna. 
"We are very excited to announce that we are in the early stages of adopting a baby! We have been so blessed with 2 beautiful and healthy boys, and we really feel God leading us to give a safe and happy home to a child who otherwise would not have one. The Lord has put the country of Ethiopia on our hearts, where they currently have around 5 million orphans. We have a long and challenging journey ahead of us and pray that you will support us in any way you can. Please keep our family, including the child that we are waiting for, in your prayers"
She is working hard to raise money to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia.  She created this blog to devote to raising money.  She has auctions going on there for some fun items. Be sure to stop by  to win some of these goodies.

You know I am a sucker for yellow so I am going to have to bid on the yellow cards;)  I will be donating an Minnie Mouse outfit and doing a short tutorial to go with it so look for that and be sure to bid on it.  Every little bit helps this family.  Thanks!


  1. Very awesome of you. Going to check out those iTunes cards

  2. Thanks for passing along the info. I'm sure your friend is very grateful and what a wonderful cause.