Monday, August 2, 2010

Vintage Curtain Dress

I actually made this dress this past spring for a friend's daughter.  She found a curtain she wanted to me to make a dress with.  I decided to pair this sheer vintage curtain with a light blue cotton.

I layered this sheer curtain on top of the blue fabric.  I used the complete width of the fabric for the skirt of the dress.  I hemmed the blue layer and then stitched the two pieces together. 

 I stitched a zig zag stitch over fishing line for easy gathering.  I pinned the skirt in the chest band.  The chest band was1.5 in.  larger than chest measurement.  I got this measurement from Dana from MADE. 

I cut the fabric 8 in x chest measurement +1.5 in.  sewn together to make a tube and then ironed in half with ends ironed under as well (shown above). 
Next I pinned the skirt in the chest band and gathered by pulling the fishing line.  I pinned some more and then stitched in place.

Now it is time for the straps. 

My straps are probably about 18in.  long.  I made tubes and turned right side out, pressed and top stitched. Then I pinned to the chest band.

sew on and wear!

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  1. What a cutiepie and what a great dress! Sometimes fabrics from stuff like curtains can make the prettiest garments. Well done!

  2. What a lovely dress!! Great job!!

  3. Very pretty! I don't know where people get their hands on all of these gorgeous vintage curtains and sheets, but I want some too!