Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nap Mats

So I was in El Paso dropping off some more clothes to "The Pink Cottage", when a woman came in requesting a nap mat.  She had looked at all the children's boutiques in town with no success.  The owner turned to me with a custom order for 3 nap mats- which I HAVE NEVER MADE BEFORE!  I wasn't in complete fear due to the fact I remembered seeing a tutorial on it through craftster here.  I used it as my starting point.

She has a great tutorial.  I used the dimensions and it really helped me understand how I might put one together.  The customer had a similar one and wanted it like her old one.  Instead of using a removable foam pad I used extra loft batting and doubled it.  I sewed it into the mat.  I also used fleece for the blanket and put a binding around it.  To finish off the blanket I embroidered the name of the little girl on it.   If I make any more I would make the strap a little different.

I would recommend this tutorial.  The first mat took me about 3 hours but i cut that time in half by the third mat.


  1. I LOVE THIS! What a fabulous tutorial and what a great gift one of these would make. Your fabric is great too!

  2. you rock! that is why i gave your blog an important award over at mine!

  3. Those are sooo pretty and I love that you embroidered the lucky little girls name on it.

  4. Those are so super cute! I have a need to make one now! :)

  5. Those are so super cute! I have a need to make one now - or three! ;)

  6. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial! With all of the sleep-overs that my daughter is having these days, this is perfect!