Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Around My Mama's House

Here is my final post on my Texas Trip.  I love so much about my parent's home.  It is not where I grew up but is quite homey.  This house is actually the parsonage (Dad is a preacher).  These are just a few highlights of their home-there is so much to see so I will take more pictures next time.

This is one of those corner plant stands, that my mom put in the bathroom and made a flower arrangement for the top shelf.  It gives height to make more of a statement and helps clear clutter off the counter.

What to do with those windows up there? Well my mom's solution is add some color and it looks beautiful from the outside especially at night. 

I think this lamp is just perfect in my Nanny's room (my grandmother lives here too- and has a wonderful room)  This lamp is beautiful in person the detail is very unique. It is white with yellow.  The shade has painted with muted yellow stripes with flowers to embellish the shade.

Mom had a candlestick that was quite sturdy so she used the 5 minute epoxy to adhere the large mosaic glass vase.  She then added twinkle lights inside to give it a nice glow.

Here is another project using the 5 minute epoxy.  Mom found 3 candle sticks of different heights.  She then used the epoxy to glue glass platters on top. This is perfect for banquets and special events at the church to serve food with style.


  1. I'll bet those multi-colored vases look like stained glass at night! So pretty.

  2. Your mom has neat stuff. I love the bottle idea - too bad we don't have a good spot in our home - oh well - hubs wouldn't go for it anyhow.

    Love your grandma's lampshade...I love pale yellows - wanted a buttery yellow and silvery grey for my wedding but when I got married (years and years ago) teal was the thing and I absolutely could not find what I wanted. :(

    Oooh the candle - twinkle light idea has my mind churning ideas for hte future...

  3. I love it all!!! Those cakes stands are great!

  4. What a lovely home!
    Thanks for sharing these ideas on Modern Craftswoman Monday. Hope to see you next week, too.

  5. Whoa, your mom is as creative as you, or should that be the other way around! Love what she's done with all kinds of glass, just beautiful! And the lamp is just too cute.

  6. Hello, What beautiful photos of your moms lovely home. All the multi-colored vases and bottles remind me of a stained glass window design, it's so pretty. Thank you for sharing.