Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To Do Tuesday

So I have already been busy on some of my to-do list even though I have a million other projects I am in the middle of.  First up I have completed and will blog about later.

1.  This recycle craft brought to you by Krafty Mum is just awesome.  I have plenty of scrap fabric and empty ribbon spools.  VERY CREATIVE! Be sure to check out how she made these beauties.

2.  Becky over at Clean Mama is my kind of woman! She is quite organized which is what I strive to be.  She has a great tip for gardening and I just love how she mixed different flowers in this pot.

You can see more about her tips Here
But that is not all she also has a wonderful art project to go along with planting and some favorite picture books.  Check this link for the plan.

3.  Fawnda has a crafty blog that I am sure you have heard of called Fireflies and Jellybeans.  This post she shows you how to put together a water table-PERFECT for these hot days.

4.  This next item on my to-do list is more of a dream than an actual "to-do"  I am not good at decorating cakes.  I can envision it but the follow through is no where close to what I have in mind.  I have already told my sister in law (who is good at it) that will be her job when birthdays come along.  Anyways, Kalleen over  At Second Street made this AMAZING cake.  I love the colors and all the details she put on it and the cool thing was her daughter was the one who designed it.  I just don't know if I could eat it- it is just too pretty.

5.  Sammy and Ruth have a great blog over at Scraps N' Strings.  They have great post on how to make these magnetic boards.  I am thinking about our traveling over the summer and how much we need these for some care entertainment.

6.  This last project really is a must for me.  It is a Toddler Sewing Basket.  I am sewing quite a bit and my kiddos desperately want to sew and help.  This will not only let them feel like they are a part of my work but also is wonderful for their fine motor skills. This project is from My Mommy Makes It

Take the 7th day to REST!

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  1. Thanks, Jamee! I am truly honored :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out! You are too nice! :) I am honored to be listed with these crafty ladies! :)

  3. Thank you so much Jamee! I look forward to seeing your Bangles!

  4. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate you featuring me on your blog this week. I grew up in ABQ, maybe we will meet next time I am down that way. Always glad to find another mom blog. I'll be sure to visit again. I love the tulle and overall combo, I also make tutus and was wanting an idea for a tutu dress-Lesley

  5. Thanks for the links. I always love to see what projects others want to put on their "to do" list (even if they never become a reality, which is what often happens to me!)

  6. Hey thanks for the feature! I'm glad that you liked the boards and hopefully your kiddos will like them too! Cute blog by the way :D